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5 Outdoor Day Date Ideas That Get You Both Moving

day date outdoors
Dinner and a movie? Boring, if you ask us. If you’re tired of the same-old date routine, mix things up with an outdoor day date. This time, you make the plan. Choose interactive activities that will get you both up from the restaurant table and breathing in some fresh air. Take in scenic views from...

Try These Natural Deodorants and Avoid Antiperspirants

natural deodorants sweat
Deodorant: that hygiene essential you wear every day. A quick swipe, and you’re out the door. But when was the last time you thought about what was in your deodorant? Whether you buy the stick, roll-on, or spray-on variety, chances are, you’re in a rut. We often buy the same product again and again...

Ditch the Desk: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Lunch in the Office

We’re all guilty of the occasional lunchtime crunch: shovelling salad into our mouths as the computer screen glares back at us. But perhaps eating lunch at our desks has become more routine than we’d like to admit. And sometimes, desk lunches are even expected by bosses and teammates alike. But there’s more than one...


Natural Electrolyte Sources for Post-Workout Health

electrolyte orange juice
We usually associate electrolytes with sports drinks. But there's so much more to these life essentials than a post-workout beverage. You don't even need to buy a bottled drink to benefit from replenishing your electrolyte levels. Here's everything you never knew you didn't know about this survival essential. What are electrolytes, anyway? Electrolytes are substances with...

Fitness Tips for An Injury-Free Workout

Exercising is a fun and healthy activity you can add to your weekly schedule. However, some of us lose the enthusiasm to workout due to various reasons. One, in particular, is an injury. Although most people will consider this uncomfortable experience a setback, some people become discouraged to continue their fitness programs altogether. But,...

Break a Sweat: Why You Need to Sweat Everyday

Breaking a sweat is a sure sign of a challenging workout. Because your body warms up with exercise, sweating is the body’s natural manner of cooling down. Basically, sweat helps to regulate your body temperature when things heat up due to the climate, exercise, or even stress. This is especially important when we change...