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YouTube’s Vegan Vloggers To Watch Right Now

vegan vloggers
These days, it’s not hard to be vegan. Beautiful blogs, blossoming cookbooks, and wide-ranging options in many large grocery stores make going vegan and staying vegan more accessible than ever before. Not to mention, vegan YouTubers are totally free to watch. Vloggers offer fun, uplifting voices to the vegan food movement. These three are...

Make Wall Hangings Your Home’s New Style Statement

wall hangings
Placing wall hangings on an otherwise blank space is a fun way to add style to your home. Consider it your statement wall—no paint needed. Wall hangings can be whatever you want them to be, which makes this décor such a fluid DIY project. You can literally take it in any direction. Mix homemade...

Kitchen Ingredients You Can Use As Home Remedies

five spoonfuls of different spices and condiments gray background, kitchen ingredients as home remedies, Common Kitchen Ingredients You can Use as Home Remedies
The use of some kitchen ingredients as home remedies was not only a practice in ancient times. A lot of people are now using household items to relieve their minor ailments. With today’s technology, researchers can now provide an explanation for the effectiveness of these products. To give you a better idea, here are...


Incorporate A Foam Roller In Your Workout

foam roller
Foam rollers, also called exercise rolls, are easily some of the most fun things to use at the gym. And it's so easy to order one online for home use, too. Of course, it's not all fun and games with this piece of exercise equipment, even if it doesn't look so intimidating. The main goal is to aid...

Is Your Post-Workout Pain Good or Bad?

post-workout pain
In the fitness industry, "No pain, no gain" is more than a common saying. However, we know that not all kinds of post-workout pain are good. Some types of body aches after a workout are due to an injury, no matter how subtle. So, how will you know if your discomfort is good or...

3 Yoga-Inspired Stretches for Long-Distance Runners

Experts recommend a stretch session after a workout, when your muscles are most warmed up. This will increase flexibility and prevent injuries. On the other hand, stretching as part of your workout can be problematic, because you could actually strain a muscle. For this reason, many long distance runners turn toward yoga to balance...